Thanks to the technical expertise acquired through years of experience, BAMU is able to offer its customers the solutions best suited to their needs in every production stage, so as to achieve manufacturing and economic optimization.

Because of its long-term experience with industrial metalwork structures, BAMU’s technical department is able to evaluate the feasibility of the parts to be made during the analysis stage and present possible alternative solutions. This way, any problems can be overcome, thus optimizing manufacturing times and cutting costs.


bamu-carpenteria-industriale-ufficio-tecnicoBAMU reads, analyses and develops all kinds of technical drawings.

The quality of BAMU products is closely tied to a technical department able to read, analyse and develop drawings in the best possible way in accordance with the customer’s requirements. All this is done using 3D CAD systems, whereby the related list, details and processing sheet are obtained for each single piece. Cutting plans are obtained using CAD/CAM software specific for plate cutting optimization (nesting) in order to minimize scrap and achieve a first saving as regards raw material.

What is more, thanks to the partnership which has existed for years with a prestigious technical design firm, which boasts long-term experience in the design of cutting-edge technology machinery, BAMU is able to offer a finished product, if necessary provided with structural calculations, FEM analysis and print-outs developed using 2D-3D CAD systems.


bamu-pianificazioneBAMU plans its production using computer systems and, thanks to constant monitoring, is able to guarantee on-time deliveries.

BAMU has a stock of carbon-steel raw materials at disposal of S235JR, S275JR, S355JR quality, which is maintained at a constant level to ensure prompt order execution.


bamu-nestingCutting planes are determined using CAD/CAM software specific for the optimization of plate cutting in order to minimize scrap and produce a first saving as regards the use of raw material.


bamu-reparto-taglioNot just a simple supply but a real challenge accepted and won daily, to successfully complete the most demanding jobs.

The BAMU cutting department features oxy-fuel and plasma equipment, shears and saws of various sizes, bevelling machines: equipment for working pieces of different sizes and types.


bamu-calandraturaBAMU has a bending-plate rolling department able to work plate metal and other materials using high quality and precision equipment.


BAMU relies on solid foundations, expertise and enthusiasm to win the quality challenge day after day.

Thanks to the use of latest-generation equipment and the continuous monitoring of the working phases, the assembly workshop is able to produce both individual parts and medium/large batches.

As part of order management, the pre-assembly workshop receives the bill of materials of the parts cut according to customer specifications and proceeds with their assembly before the actual welding operations are performed.


bamu-carpenteria-saldaturaThe BAMU welding department has always been central to company activities.

BAMU welds are clean and refined.
The welding processes and operators are subject to qualification in accordance with the EN ISO 15614-1: 2005 standard.

TODAY, THE COMPANY IS CERTIFIED UNI ISO 3834-2: 2006 | EN 15085-2 | EN 1090-2: 2009 + A1: 2011


bamu-carpenteria-raddrizzaturaStraightening is performed by flame or press with great skill and experience.

In the case of flame straightening, the piece is heated at a suitable point and for an appropriate time, in order to obtain a good result in terms of flatness and avoid problems during machine tool working.


bamu-lavorazioni-meccaniche-trattamenti-termiciBAMU offers a stress relieving, normalizing and annealing service with standard or customized cycles.



 In the testing department, besides the usual dimensional tests, on request, BAMU also performs non-destructive technical tests using ultrasounds, magnetic particles and penetrating liquids, always using qualified UNI EN 473 – ISO 9712 certified personnel.


BAMU, besides machining metalwork structures, is also able to supply machine-tool worked finished products.

In 2014, a milling/boring machining centre was purchased with long strokes able to accommodate medium and large size pieces:

  • X axis with 5-metre stroke
  • Y axis with 3-metre stroke
  • Z axis with 2,200-metre stroke
  • W tailstock sleeve with 0.8-metre stroke
  • Swinging-sliding turntable with 17.7 t capacity and dimensions 2,000 x 3,000 metres
  • 40-seat tool change
  • Heidenhain CNC numerical control
  • Year of manufacture 2014

Bamu workshop is growing. A brand new boring and milling machine has been added to the pool. A T “Fermat WFC 10 CNC” is up and running having he following characteristics:

  • X axis = 2000 mm
  • Y axis = 2000 mm
  • Z axis = 1250 mm
  • W ram = 730 mm
  • Rotosliding working table 1400 x 1800 mm with a load capacity of 5 tons


bamu-verniciaturaBAMU is able to provide a sandblasting and final piece coating service according to customer specifications.

The new systems guarantee a very high standard and an extremely low level of polluting emissions in the atmosphere.

  • The painting shop is composed of an industrial oven of dimensions 16000 x 5530 x 5000 mm with semi vertical airflow and double aspirating walls
  • The sand-blasting cabin has dimensions 16000 x 5530 x 5000 mm


Bamu is organized so as to be able to assemble mechanical parts according to customer requirements.


bamu-carpenteria-traasporti-eccezionaliBamu has its own transportation service able to reach any destination in Europe.