BAMU was founded in 2007 by Giuseppe Ballotta, sales manager and partner of Tecnocarp, a leading Italian medium-heavy industrial metalwork structure manufacturer and by Peter Murgas, collaborator of Slovak origin, who joined Tecnocarp in 1999.

BAMU was created to be the ideal partner for Tecnocarp, able to meet the new requirements introduced by market globalization and company internationalization; requirements relating to strong technological, but above all economic competitiveness.
BAMU is able to provide a cost-effective service, while at the same time ensuring all the reliability and quality of Tecnocarp, characteristics which, since 1973, have enabled it to grow and establish itself as a leader in its field.
Today BAMU has evolved, becoming part of a team.

Thanks to the creative drive of Giuseppe Ballotta, five companies, all industry leaders, have joined forces to form a team able to represent a one-stop counter for all customer requirements.

  • BAMU s.r.o. with its ability to build steel metalwork structures in its 10,000 square metre production facility, equipped with overhead travelling cranes with a capacity of up to 40 tonnes, and machine these using tools such as a TOS boring/milling machine with 5-metre X stroke, 3-metre Y stroke, 2.2-metre Z stroke and 0.8-metre stroke of the W tailstock sleeve and a swing-sliding turntable with a capacity of 17.5 tonnes.
  • CML Innovation with its CAD/CAM design and FEM calculation department
  • Tecnocarp with its experience in medium and large metalwork structures
  • Ares with its fleet of chip removal machining centres
  • Ciprind with its submerged arc welding expertise

As part of the Team, BAMU is able to avail itself of comprehensive skills: from CAD CAM design to the development of construction drawings, certified skills in the field of welding, experience and ability to listen to and cater to needs which Tecnocarp has acquired over the years.

BAMU, besides supplying the local market, wishes to offer a viable alternative to European companies that have relocated part of their production in the so-called emerging countries.
Besides benefitting from a highly competitive price, by preferring BAMU, the customer can avail itself of all the experience, reliability and soundness of the Team to which Tecnocarp, CML Innovation, Ares and Ciprind belong.